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Pop Bingo

Pop Bingo is an arcade casino game found at the best online casinos. It is powered by Playtech software. The name includes the word “pop” because the bingo balls pop up like popcorns.


The player first chooses the bet amount. The bet amount which could be placed varies from 10 cents to 100 dollars. Then the player chooses a Bingo Card.

The player can either choose the bingo card displayed above the betting button or he/she could choose to go for a new card. Once the player has chosen his/her card, the game begins.

Balls numbered from 1 to 90 are drawn by the machine. If the number on the bingo ball coincides with the number on the bingo card, then the number is usually automatically circled.

There are 15 numbers on a bingo card and the bingo balls are drawn until all the 15 numbers are circled. Pop Bingo is considered one of the best online casino games because payouts are rather flexible and rewarding.

The players payout amount is dependent on the number of draws that was required to fill the player’s bingo card. The lesser the number of draws required, the better the win.



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