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Let It Ride

Let it ride is a new breed of game based on poker. The game was introduced by a card shuffling company called Shuffle Master Inc. in August 1996. It is a variation of Five-Card Stud Poker. It has its origin from Las Vegas. The game is usually played against the casino house. It has its origin from Las Vegas. The game is usually played against the casino house. The game has a very slow pace and therefore it has also another name to it-‘Let it die’. The game’s popularity has increased because of its easy gaming and potential winning chance. Internet Let it ride has offered several big wins.
The game is played with a single pack of 52 cards. The aim of the game is to get a hand having a pair of tens with the player’s three cards and the two unseen community cards of the dealer. The player places three equal bets. Some of the casinos require that the bets be a minimum of $5. But many others do offer lower limits. The bets are done by placing the chips in the three circles marked as $, 1 and 2. The dealer then deals 3 face cards down to each player. The dealer receives two cards face down. On receiving the cards, the picks his three cards and looks at them. After looking at the cards, if the player feels that he is not going to have a winning hand, then he can withdraw the first bet. If the player feels that he has chance of winning the game, then he Lets it Ride. Once every player chooses between Let it ride and withdrawal of the 1st bet, the dealer turns one of his cards over. The player now will try to use the dealer’s community card and his own to create a good hand. The betting starts again now. The players are again given a chance to decide if he wished to Let it Ride or take back his second bet. Either the player takes it back or leaves it so, the decision already made on the 1st bet can not be removed. Citing an example: The player thinks on the 1st round that he has a winning chance and lets it ride. In the second round, he realizes that he has no chance of wining and draws his 2nd bet back. In such a situation, the first bet remains. Once as all the players have decided on their second bet, the dealer turns over his second card. Now, the player tries to make a better hand using the dealer’s two community cards. The player wins if he has a pair of tens or better. The money is given according to the play out table. The table outlines the amount that must be given to the player depending upon the set of cards in the final betting round.
One thing the player has to remember is that the dealer has the upper hand. The game is easy to learn but to win the player has to have a well thought out strategy. A good strategy plus the help of your Lady Luck, the game can earn you some good money.

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