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Home Casino Reviews Unibet Casino

Unibet Details

Unibet Casino Scores

Software & Graphics (10)

Unibet website offers a great and wonderful display on state of the art and unique graphics on their games and tutorials. The whole site of Unibet is created with easy access and little confusion in mind. Their graphics are refreshing and full of sympathy. 

There is no need to download any special software to be able to play on their online casino, making it of easy access and lightweight for players to even multitask while at work on the home computer.

All of these characteristics make it easy to grant Unibet a well deserved 10 on their software and graphics. 

Game Variety (10)

Even though Unibet does not work officially as a casino website, it does have sufficient online casino related games to work as one as well as offer several additional games such as dexterity and even a scratch card. This variety and the scratch card allows the flow so that the multitasking player does not need to be present all the time to be able to enjoy Unibet’s website. 

Excellent variety, it deserves a 10. 

Sign-Up Bonus 6

Sign up bonus on Unibet website is not as good as it should be, even though there seem to be higher and different bonuses, upon request to the customer service area we were not informed and were told that all the information on the bonuses was located on the website.

Bonuses and bonus information needs a pepping up, so Unibet website receives a 6.   

Loyalty Bonus 4

Unibet does not offer a loyalty club nor points, however this would be a extremely bizarre and rare occurrence even for a website whose main focus is betting on sporting activities.

Customer service was also contacted to this end and we were told that there was no such thing for Unibet website and could not tell us if it was on the forthcoming future. 

Promotions (9) 

Unibet centers its promotions on their betting and tournaments available to all registered players that do so with real money. These promotions are enticing and attractive while their variety is never shortcoming; a great feature for any and all players and bettors who are looking for a good game and a nice match

Support 6 

While variety in games and graphics excel expectations from all types of players, the customer service in Unibet does leave something to be wished for. Indeed the website states that the answer will be provided as soon as possible, but it can take up to a week for they to answer and this, when a player requires immediate solution in order to place a bet or register for a tournament is unacceptable.

Financial Security 9   

Not only is the overall security of the Unibet site excellent but also the security pertaining all financial reasons and the account of the player itself. A thing that can happen with relative frequency is that the player gets distracted with his or her multitasking activities and as a result, he or she leaves the Unibet site unattended for over 5 minutes.

The system closes down and requires the player to reactivate with his or her password, this shuts down all and any activity he or she might have been doing at the time protecting not only their account but also their financial information. 

Deposit &Withdrawal Options 9

In the same manner, the withdrawal and deposit options at the Unibet site are excellent and well designed with little to no room for phishing activities. 

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