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Baccarat game had its medieval origin in Italy in1490. The word Baccarat is from an Italian word “baccarat”- which means zero. It is because, in the game, zero value is given to all of the face cards and tens. The game remains to be one of the popular best online casino games. The game was initially played with a tarot deck. Baccarat’s roots grew in Italy, but its origin is considered to be in France. The game was initially played by the French aristocrats and found its way through Europe and ended up being a famous game in America. It evolved into two games, namely European Baccarat and Chemin de fer. It was in the late 1980’s that the notorious Dunes casino opened Baccarat to the world of internet.
Baccarat also has a mythical Roman origin. About 600 years B.C, a praying session is said to have been taken place in the so called Temple of Golden Hair in Etruscan Rome. In this peculiar event, 9 gods are been said to have prayed on their tip toe to a virgin. The virgin threw a dice at their feet. If the die rolled 8/9, then the virgin would be crowned priestess. If it rolled 6/9, then she would loose her status and if it was 5 or lower, then she would have to walk into the sea to see her death. Interesting Mythical origin!!
Baccarat is one of the easiest & best online casino games to play. Knowledge of the basic rule will help understand the play and will make the game more fun to play.
The game is played with 7-8 deck of cards and joker is excluded. At the beginning of a new game, the player can place a bet on the winning banker hand or a bet between both of them. Two cards are dealt between the player and the banker.
A one-to-one bet is for even bets of money. The profit will be the same amount as the bet placed. When the player bets for a tie, he gets back eight to one. The aim of the game is to attempt to total nine as closely as possible. Face cards and tens have zero value. Ace has a value of one. Cards from two to nine are valued according to their face. According to player’s third-card-rule, the player initially has a total of 6 or more of his two cards, then the player should not draw a third card. But, if the total is less, then an additional third card is withdrawn by the player. By bank’s third-card-rule, if the bank’s total is 2 or less, then the bank in any situation draws a card. If it is 3, then the bank draws a card unless the player’s third card is 8. If 4, then the bank draws a card unless the player’s third card was a 0,1,8 or 9. If total is 8, the bank draws if player’s third card was 5,6 or7. If the total is 6, then the bank draws if the player’ third was 6 or 7. If the bank’s initial two card total is 7, then the bank doesn’t withdraw a third card. In Baccarat, when the first total of cards reaches a two digit number, the first digit becomes removed. Information is that, as small as 5% cut becomes removed from the wins on the banker hand.





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