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Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is a literal mix of blackjack and poker. It has no long historical evidences and is noted to have originated in the 1980’s.
There are two theories of its origin. One is that, it was invented by some cruise ship operator in the Caribbean for its floating gambling ships. The other theory holds that it had its origin in a Dutch casino in the Caribbean Island of Aruba. The King International Casino, now called as Excelsior casino, is where Caribbean Stud first came into being. But still the person who invented it is not known. Caribbean Stud Poker found its way to American Casinos in 1988. It is also known as Casino Stud Poker.
When the game was first played in the Las Vegas Casino, but it was not welcomed by the players due to its high house advantage. The casino then modified the game to attract the players. A progressive jackpot was added to the game. Caribbean Stud Poker then grew in popularity and by 1992 the game had become appealing and was offered in numerous Las Vegas casino poker rooms.
It is also called as Cyberstud Poker in best online casino or online gaming casinos. Caribbean Stud is said to have its ancestry dating back to the 16th century European game called ‘Primera’. Popular versions of the game at that time were known as ‘Brag’, ‘Pochen’ and ‘Poque’.
Caribbean Stud game makes use of a standard deck of 52 cards. The cards are shuffled by automatic shuffle machine. Each player has two betting areas. One area is labeled ante and the other bet. The payer drops a dollar coin into the slot above ante to become eligible for the progressive jackpot.
The play begins with all players making the ante wager. The players who want to go for the progressive jackpot places the dollar. The dealer deals five cards down to each and five for himself. Of this, four cards are dealt face down and one face up. The player decides his move based on the strength of his cards and the dealer’s upcard. The player either decides to play out as he has some confidence in his strength. In this case, the player doubles his call bet as that of has ante bet. The player can also choose to surrender by laying the cards face down on the layout. He looses his ante bet. The player is allowed to play only one hand per round.
If the bank does not have A-K or better the players bet is returned, plus an amount equal to the ante. If the bank does have an A-K or better the player win if his hand beats. The bank pays out even money on your ante and fixed odds on your call bet as follows:

100-1 for a royal flush


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