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The service is now available in Canada only. The expansion of the system to United States and internationally is pending and is planned to release in 2005-2006. UseMyBank is a company that provides online financial service solution. It provides an alternative to the existing payment processing services. It makes the process of paying for goods and services easy for its client over the internet. It makes internet payment simpler. It has made great advancement in this field in spite of it being a new enterprise. This is mainly attributed to its senior management team that has over 50 years of successful experience in implementing Financial Services applications, solutions, and payments systems. The company keeps pace with the changes taking place in the Financial Services sector. It aims to provide companies with the basic infrastructure components meeting the increasingly complex payment systems. It provides leading edge technology that has been integrated to deliver service in a flexible manner to the customer with the existing online payment technology.
It provides an online instant payment method using the buyers own existing online Financial Institution. It provides an automated online payment interface. The buyers can make payments at their own Financial Institutions supported Internet site. It provides Automated Clearing and Settlement system for Sellers and Affiliates which allows wire transfers, cheque, and several other methods to be used. It also provides easy to use summary, detailed reporting and management tools.
UseMyBank accepts direct payment through Online Internet Bank access to the Bank of Montreal, CIBC, Desjardins, Royal Bank, ScotiaBank, and TD Canada Trust. The service is now open to Sellers and Affiliates from Canada, United States, and internationally.
UseMyBank does not focus on using Industry Standards or implement a connection to the Financial Institutions through Interface Standards or use an a online form for credit card, debit card, or any other existing online payment service. UseMyBank supports the existing online systems functions and capabilities within the customers Financial System. The transactions are done from the customers Chequing, Savings, or Credit Card account. UseMyBank does not require the client to enter their Credit Card, Transit/Route/Account, or other forms of personal traceable markers. The whole service is provided without storing any personal information in the banks system. Sellers need sign up and can accept instant online payments in minutes. The buyers need not sign up with UseMyBank to make payments to Sellers. The seller is notified online about the payment so that the seller can deliver the product or service instantly. The buyer can make an immediate online payment and the funds get directly debited from the selected account.
It is a simple 5 step process. The buyer first checks out the seller. Then he clicks the UseMyBank button for payment. The buyer then selects his bank and account from which the payment has to be made. UseMyBank facilitates the payment and informs the seller. And finally the seller delivers the product to the service buyer. It is as simple as that.
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