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ePassporte provides a novel payment system. It gives worldwide recognition and acceptance to its clients. ePassporte is one of the leaders in the payment industry. It uses proven technology and state of the art security system. The ePassport cards are issued by St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank Ltd., Basseterre, St. Kitts, West Indies. The members can use the ePassporte card online wherever Visa card is accepted. ePassporte can be used at over thousands of Visa merchant locations or can be used to withdraw cash at Plus/ATM's around the world. It ensures secure and private online shopping experience. The members can receive and send funds worldwide instantly with ePassport. Privacy is maintained with ePassporte’s online password protected statements. The members find ePassporte most useful while on travel. It acts as a secure alternative to carrying cash or credit cards and still keeps you financially sound and steady.
Transfer of money between ePassporte members is immediate and easy. Only the email address of the other person is required. Also there is no credit approval that the player will have to undergo to obtain an ePassporte account. The client can apply for a Visa Electron card to directly access the funds in the ePassporte account through ATM machines.
ePassporte offers two type of cards- ePassporte Virtual Visa and ePassporte Visa Electron. The ePassporte Virtual Visa is a re-loadable Visa and is solely for the purpose of using for online transactions. It can be instantly re-reloaded with any credit card.  The ePassporte Visa Electron is the plastic card for to be used at ATM’s , Visa merchant terminals, PLUS and Visa. Both these can be accessed from the same account in spite of having different numbers. ePassport funds are available to both the cards.
Most online casinos accept ePassporte as a payment method. It is the preferred method by online casino players to play with real money. The first thing the player will have to do is to go to the ePassporte site and will have to register the credit card. Then the player will have to load his account with money. The player can use his Visa or Mastercard to fund the ePassport account. The minimum that can be funded per transaction is $10 and the maximum amount is $500. Once the ePassport card is credited, the player can use it at his favorite online casino. The player can use it like using any credit card. To use the method of transaction, the player will have to first sign in to his online casino account. Then go to the cashier section and click on the ePassporte button to choose ePassporte as the payment method. The system will prompt you to enter the deposit amount. After filling it, follow the instruction to confirm the deposit. Then the player can go on and play his favorite game.
Online Casinos that accept ePassporte

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