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Home Payment Option


FirePay is an Internet banking solution and it works more like a debit card. The customer can fund the FirePay account directly from their bank account. The customer can use his FirePay account to purchase goods and services online. 

Opening a FirePay account is absolutely free. Some personal information such as name and address, a valid email address and a password will have to be provided at the time of sign up. It is quick and easy. Signing up, paying with, or sending funds from the FirePay account is free of charge. Fire pay charges a very small amount when transferring funds from a bank account to the FirePay account. The fee amount is clearly displayed. A unique FirePay access code is provided in order to activate the FirePay account. Once the account registration is complete, FirePay sends an email to the email address supplied during registration. This processing is on time. 

The FirePay account can be directly funded from the bank account. For this, the consumer will have to register a US bank account. The initial limit is $400 per week by Express Funding or $600 per week once the account is validated with FirePay. The limit will increase as the consumer establishes a successful funding history with FirePay. The deposit fee is $4 if the bank account is validated. For Express Funding, the deposit fee is $5.99. A validation deposit of an amount less than $2.00 is made as a random deposit to the bank account when registered. This has to be confirmed in order to prove that the bank account is your own. The validation deposit takes 1 to 3 days to appear in the bank account.The advantage of validating the bank account is that then on, he becomes an active user and will enjoy lower deposit fees, withdrawals back to bank account and higher deposit limits. Insufficient funds will be automatically reprocessed to the bank account. 

Money transfer to merchants is entirely free. Any merchant can transfer to your account by just specifying the registered email address. Money can be withdrawn by simply specifying the validated bank account. The email, password and bank account details can be changed.

FirePay is increasingly becoming the Internet’s fastest growing alternative to credit card payments. It is a fast and easy option adopted by over thousands of consumers. It is a very simple sign–up and fund process and for the first time users, there is also a help section. It offers also a 24/7 customer service support. It is preferred by merchants from far and wide. It ensures instant and quick conversions. It opens access to over 700,000 Firepay members. The low rates of cash transfer increases the cash flow into the account. The fund clearing is prompt and the customer will never have to wait for funds to clear. It offers substantial cash balances. It reduces exposure to charge backs and provides protection against returned payments.

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