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Citadel Commerce

Citadel Internet Banking is the payment facility which is exclusively used by the casino operators online as it provides a safe ground for financial transactions via the Internet. This is a fully integrated e-commerce payment solution service for the web merchants like the big online gaming and sports betting sites.

It was established in 1999. As far as online payments to virtual casinos are concerned, Citadel Internet Banking is the right choice for any customer. The parent company of Citadel Commerce is ESI Inc. It has provided solutions to over 17 governmental lotteries, horse racing hubs and parimutuel horse industry.

To keep up to the standards, the service is licensed and verified occasionally. Along with the company, its shareholders, directors and officers would undergo periodic verifications as well.

ESI and Citadel Commerce are profitable and well-capitalized while having two chartered Canadian banks as shareholders. Its major area of banking is the Internet gaming industry. It runs an e-commerce fraud detection and risk management system. This has elaborated and has transformed Citadel Commerce into a complete payment processor.

It is favoured by the internet merchants like the best online casinos. It offers the complete solution to those merchants who are on the web-based business-to-consumer market. It provides a secure online electronic check processing with added fraud detection services, reporting, reconciliation tools and 24/7 help desk support. Sophisticated authentication, fraud detection and risk management expertise help protect online casinos from fraud.

 Citadel Commerce utilizes the service of a consulting firm by the name of Proximal Consulting which has considerable expertise in the prevention, detection and investigation of global fraud and money laundering. It provides several payment processing products.

Citadel Checks are a merchant direct electronic check payment solution. By it, the customer can write electronic personal checks drawn on a US or Canadian checking account. The information submitted is used only by Citadel Commerce and is not provided to the web merchant.

The checks are protected by high-class technology that specifically identifies the customer’s personal computer. It utilizes multiple authentication and credit reporting data bases and fraud detection system to validate and review the customer’s credit history and monitor spending thresholds.

After the check having been issued, it is submitted to the federal ACH (Automated Clearing House) banking network. All interactions with Citadel Commerce are encrypted.

Citadel payout offers same day payouts through electronic check. It also offers free and instant payouts to myCitadel Wallet for the Wallet holders. It provides real time payout protection to Citadel Commerce merchants. The payouts can be issued via United States, Canadian and international paper checks. It offers fast, convenient and low-cost payouts.

MyCitadel Wallet is the most flexible online payment solution for financial affairs on the Internet. It approves credit and debit card deposits with SecureSwipe. It guarantees instant funds and offers innovative international payment methods to online casino customers.

The icing on the cake is the fast and free payout mechanism which is very simple and convenient to use while playing online casino. Citadel Commerce offers a customized payment solution to its customers with its real time consumer authentication, risk management, cost-effective financial transactions, transactions in multiple languages and in a range of currencies, guaranteed deposits, instant funding and PIN debit.

All these features make it the perfect choice of an internet banking solution for the best online casinos. Citadel Commerce is outstanding and favoured by the top ranking operators in the online gaming industry.

Online Casinos that accept CitadelCommerce :

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