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Stallionaire Online Casino Fruit Machine

Who wants to be a Stallionare is a classy Fruit machine casino game. It is a three reel slot game. The game can be played at online casinos powered by Microgaming.
The game has a sporty horse racing theme. The player can choose a coin size from 10c, 25c, 50c, $1, $2, $5 and$10.. The player will have to place one coin per game and the higher the coin values, the higher the amount of jackpot.
"Who wants to be a Stallionare" fruit machine game has a bonus game, Hold feature and nudge feature. The player can win upto 200 dollars on the lowest coin value of 10c and an enormous 20,000 euros for the highest coin wager of 10 dollars.
Who wants to be a Stallionaire has the special nudge feature whereby the player can strike a reel to display its next symbol. The game has a hold feature whereby the player can hold the reels which he wishes to and spin the other reels. This feature helps in situations where the player gets two matching symbols. In such a situation, the player can hold down the reels with the matching symbols and can spin the other reels in the expectation to get the third matching symbol on the next reel.
The real money earning lies in the bonus game. The gateway to the bonus game is the gold, silver and bronze horse shoes. Three symbols have to be hit in a row to activate the bonus game. The Bonus Trail is made up of twenty four squares. The game starts at the 'Start' square. If the player lands on the Start square again, then the number of wedges is kept the same and the game continues.
In the bonus game, the player has to move through the squares. The player has to click the spin button to generate a random number that will end on a specific square. Each square has its own specific feature. The player looses a "wedge" after each spin. When all the wedges are over, the bonus game also comes to an end. There are squares that decrease the wedge and also those that just simply disperse of all the wedges in the players' hand. There are also some lucky squares that regenerate or increase the wedges.
The squares 'Win Some Wedge' and 'Quick Buck' increase the number of wedges. On the other hand the squares 'Non Starter', 'Bankrupt', 'Cleaned Out' and 'Lose' decrease the number of wedges.
Nosebag is a reel based square. If a player ends on this square, then the player is bought back to the regular slot game and the reels automatically spin and it guarantees a random win. In The Money is another reel based square. This square also returns the player to the regular slot game. The difference from Nosebag feature is that here the player can click the stop button to stop the reels in a winning combination before the reels stop automatically.
Nags To Riches is a reel based feature. The player chooses a reel using the Stop button. The player can again click the Stop button to choose the symbol with the highest value. That symbol completes the winning symbol combination.
The Gift Horse square is a stop and win feature. This square gives the player a chance to win upto an 80 times multiplier value on the players bet amount. The player has to stop the meter at any of the nine levels. The players bet is multiplied according to the multiplier value of the level at which the player has stopped the meter.
The Paddock Inspection square is a rest stop and on ending on this square, the player spins the reels again and the number of wedges remains the same.
Horse Around square has a pick a win feature. The player is shown three multiplier values; the values are then hidden and shuffled. Each multiplier value has a Hold button. The player can choose the multiplier value using the Hold button and the value that the player chooses is his multiplier value. The player bet is multiplied by this amount.
The Giddy Up square improves the player to another game square at a fast pace and the number of wedges is not altered.
Medallion Stallion is a multiplier square. The player stops the flashing meter to choose a group of three multiplier values. The player bet amount is multiplied by the combined value of the three multiplier values.
On ending on the Hold Your Horse square, the player is returned to the Regular Slot game. Symbols combinations are randomly displayed on the reels. The player has to click the Collect button on any of the symbol combination that the player likes. If the player does not select, the reels stop automatically and collects a random win.
When the player lands at the Cash Accumulator square, the player is returned to the Regular slot game. The reels display random win combinations and the wins are added to the player payout.
The best square in the Bonus Trail is the Bust The Bookie Super Jackpot. The player can win upto a 500 time multiplier value. The feature has a Yes or Neigh Repeater button whereby the player can repeat the Bust The Bookie Super Jackpot. The player can repeat this upto 3 times and thereby win upto a 2000 times multiplier on the bet amount.
Payout Table for Who wants to play Stallionare Online Casino Fruit Machine
Symbol Combination Multiply Total Credits Bet By
3 Limousine symbols 500
3 Paddle symbols 80
3 Seven symbols 40
3 Three Bar symbols 20
3 Two Bar symbols 10
3 Single Bar symbols 8
3 Cigar symbols 6
3 Riding Gear symbols 4
3 Carrot symbols 2
Any 2 of the same symbols 1

Play Free Stallionaire!

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