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Gambling Dictionary - A

A Cheval

It is a Roulette bet in which the bet is placed on two adjacent numbers on the layout.

Abandon To give up a hand or deal. To fold a deal.
Above The earnings of the casino as how it is recorded in its bookkeeping ledger.
Ace Ace is a type of card in a deck of playing cards.
Across the Board It’s a racing wager whereby equal amounts are bet on win, place and show.
Action It is the amount of money being bet in a casino game. In Poker, Action is the money bet into the wagering pool. The more money, the higher the action.
Active Player A player who is still live in action or a player who is still in the pot or money pool.
Add-on It is a term used in Poker tournaments which is used to refer to the players’ ability to buy more chips in a tournament.
African Dominoes It’s an American slang for Crapshooting and dice play.
Aggregate Limit It is a limit placed on the win amount. The maximum payout the casino offers on a certain game.
Aggregate Winnings Cumulative or total winnings.
All or Nothing It is a bet condition in which the player wins only if all of the picked numbers are drawn or none of the picked numbers are drawn.
All-in It is a Poker condition where the player wagers all of his or her remaining chips.
American Roulette This is a casino Roulette game. Unlike European Roulette, it has two zero spots, that is a single zero (0) and a double zero (00). It is also called Double Zero Roulette.
Anchor It is a term in Blackjack used to refer to the player who gives the last call of their hand of cards and the player is seated farthest from the dealer.
Ante It is the least amount of money the player will have to wager in a Poker game, which is the minimum bet that each player is required to place in the pot before a new game begins.
Any Craps This is a bet made in a Craps game where a bet is made on that the next roll will be 2, 3 or 12. This bet pays 7:1 and the house edge for Any Craps bet is 11.1%.
Any Seven Any Seven is a Craps bet. It is a bet made that the next roll will be a 7. This bet pays 4:1 and has a house edge of 16.7%.
Apron Apron is the location on the roulette wheel where the chips are kept.
Arm It is a term used in craps game to refer to a player who is skilled at playing the dice to alter the conventional odds of the game. 
Around the Corner It is a term used in card games where the game rules allow the highest card to be linked with the lowest card. For example a combination of King, Ace, Two, Three, Four.
Attack A condition where the gambler places a wager against the bank.

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