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Gambling Dictionary - E

E.R Man Used to refer to the player seated to the right of the dealer. Also known as the anchor or the third base.
Early Surrender A gaming strategy where the player gives up half of the wager if he feels the player has a blackjack.
Earn Used to refer to the actual amount of money that the casino has taken in as revenue.
Easy Way Used to describe how a point was made on a dice. It refers to a point being made without paid numbers.
Edge The mathematical advantage. This is usually maintained by the house.
Edge Work Cheating technique used in card games where a mark is made on the cards. This is known as Edge Markings.
Eighty Six Used to refer to the act of removing a patron. Sometimes used to describe the closing of a table, pit or even a casino.
Electric Dice A cheating technique in which a ferrous piece is hidden in the dice and is controlled with a hidden electro magnet.
Element of Ruin Probability that a player will lose their bankroll.
Eldest hand Used to refer to the player left of the dealer.
English ‘American Roulette’ This is a game where an American Roulette wheel is used but the double zero is removed.
En Plein It is a French Roulette term for a single number wager.
Equitable A reasonable game.
Even Chances Term for the winning of an amount equal to the wager. Another term used for this is Even Money.
Even Count It is a technique used by card counters to adjust the count to compensate a multiple deck game.
Expected Value The amount of money a player wins or looses. It is based on the statistical advantage.
Eye in the Sky Used to refer to surveillance cameras placed to monitor the casino activity.

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