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Gambling Dictionary - L

Lace Term for the Baccarat technique of mixing of cards after a shuffle.
Ladder Man The casino employee who sits on a raised chair and oversees the game.
Lammers This refers to the use of credit. Refers to the discs used to show the value of chips or checks. A term for someone who is fleeing law.
Land Based Casino Used to refer to a physical casino.
Late Bet Roulette term for a bet placed after the dealer calls “No more bets”.
Lay Craps wager placed against a particular term.
Lay and Pay The act of turning over the player’s cards and simultaneously gathering the cards.
Lay Bet It’s a Craps bet that seven will be rolled before the wagered number is rolled.
Lay Down A term for a bet or a wager.
Lay Odds Sports betting term for the money placed on a team preferred to win. It is used to refer to the side bet in the game of craps placed on the Don’t after the come-out roll.
Layout Refers to the design on the gaming table.
Leak Used to refer to a failure of cheating effort.
Le Grand Baccarat term for a situation when two cards total nine.
Le Patage Used to refer to the options that can be taken when the ball lands in zero in the game of European Roulette.
Let it Ride Term used to gesture the dealer that the player wishes to repeat the last wager but wants to include the winnings in the wager.
Levels Used to refer to honest gaming accessories.
Light Device which enables the player to see the cards he is dealt.
Light Bet Refers to a bet that is below the minimum bet.
Light Work Cards which have been altered as a part of cheating by being marked with very fine lines.
Limit The minimum bet amount at a game.
Line Work Cheating technique. In this technique small spots, swirls, curls or lines are made on the back design of the card for the player to identify them.
Load Slot gaming term for playing with maximum coins. Craps term for a cheating technique where a weight is placed inside the dice.
Loader A careless dealer who shows his hole card.
Locked Up Situation when a dealer has to be at table for a longer time without a break.
Lock Up Money or chips placed securely in the rake.
Long Bet Wager that surpass the table limit.
Long green Refers to money.
Looking for Action Situation where a gambler is actively looking for a game.
Look out Casino employee responsible for observing the casino floor and games.
Loose Slot machines that pay out frequently. Term for a player who likes to take risk frequently.
Loss Limit The fixed amount of money that can be lost in any gambling session.
Lottery A draw of the sold ticket to find the winner.
Low Roller Player to make small wagers. They are also known as grinds, tinhorns or suckers.
Luck Something that is not defined by science or skill.
Lugger Refers to a person who brings gamblers to a game.
Luminous Readers Cheating technique. A special substance which can only be seen by wearing tinted glass is placed on the back of playing cards.
Little Joe Craps term for a pairs of twos.

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