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Gambling Dictionary - G

Gaff A cheating device.
Galloping Dominoes A pair of dice
Gamblers Fallacy A belief of many gamblers of an outcome that has not yet happened but is more likely to happen in the future.
Gamblers Ruin The situation when a gambler has no money or runs out of bankroll.
Gambling Wagering of money on an outcome that is unpredictable.
Games Casino term for games that require a dealer. In casinos, slots are not considered as ‘games’.
Gaming Board The governing body which has rules for gaming regulation and is appointed by the government. Not all casinos are regulated by a gaming board.
Gate It refers to an action by the dealer in the game of Craps. If the dealer suspects fowl play, he stops the dice before it finishes rolling.
George Used to refer to a player who gives money to the player. Refers to a player who bets on half of the dealer. Used to refer to a player who plays very well.
Get behind the stick Craps term for the action of the dealer or stickman opening the table.
G. I Marbles Another word for a dice.
Give him the bum's rush The removal of a player in such a manner so as to humiliate the player and set an example for the other players.
Give the business The act of cheating anyone.
Gimmick Any cheating device.
Give Odds Same as lay odds. The money bet on a team in a sports bet. The side wager placed on the Don’t after the come-out roll in the game of Craps.
Glim Cheating technique. The player uses a small mirror which is hidden and allows the player to see the cards he is being dealt.
GM Short form for general manager.
G-note A thousand dollar bill.
Go A term used by the dealers in a discussion to refer to the tips the dealer made.
Good Man A player with good amount of money. Used to refer to a player who is an skillful cheater.
Good thing Refers to a good wager
Goose The tube in a keno table where the ball collects after being forced there by an air stream.
Go Over The Blackjack term when a player exceeds twenty-one. Also known as bust or break.
Go South With Cheating technique. The player takes cards, dice, money or anything else out of the game.
Grand Refers to a thousand dollar bill.
Greek Deal Cheating technique. The dealer deals the second card from the bottom instead of the top card from the deck.
Greek Shot Craps term for the uncontrolled throw of dice.
Green Another term for cash. Used to refer to a twenty-five dollar casino chip which is green in color.
Green horn The term for an inexperienced gambler.
Green numbers Roulette term for zero and double zero.
Grief Term for bad luck.
Grifter Used to refer to a dishonest gambler.
Grind Houses Used to refer to casinos which welcome the low-end players. Such casinos depend on high volume of play instead of high rollers.

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