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Sabot A dealing shoe at table games.
Salle Privee A private room in European Casinos for high stake games.
Sand Work Cheating technique. The back of the cards are marked with fine sandpaper.
Sawbuck A ten dollar.
Sawdust-Joint A casino for the low rollers.
Scam Cheating technique against the opponent.
Scared Money The gambling in which the rent and food money etc is risked.
Score Money
SDS System Slot players tracking system used in casinos.
Seat of the Pants The act of making decision based on instinct.
Second Base A blackjack term for the player who is sitting near to the center of the table.
Seconds Cheating technique where the dealer does not deal the top card.
Security The department that keeps a watch over the casino crimes and protects the casino from it.
Security Monitor The casino televisions that keep close watch of the activities in the casino.
Sensor A device used to report any change in the environment.
Sent it in The gambling against the house for a huge amount of money.
Sequence Order of rank of playing cards.
Sequence Bets A Craps wager that requires multiple rolls to win.
Session Gambling period of time.
Set A term in Pai Gow Poker which refers to the act of organizing the cards.
Seven-Out The act of a shooter rolling a seven when trying to roll a point, in the game of Craps.
Seventh Street The final round of betting in the game of Seven Card Stud.
Shade A distraction or a cover for an act of scam.
Shape Cheating technique where the cheat cuts the die.
Shark A Craps term for a skilled shooter.
Sharp A confident player.
Sharper A sharp player who takes advantage of the new players.
Shaved Casino term for an altered dice.
Shield The glass sheet that surrounds the Roulette wheel and prevents the balls from flying off.
Shift Boss The person responsible to the entire casino only for a certain shift period.
Shill Used to refer to a special kind of casino employee. The person poses to be a player and tries to bring patrons to an empty table.
Shiner A cheating device used by a cheat which allows the player to see the cards they are dealt as the device reflects the card.
Shoe A box that holds multiple decks of cards.
Shot An illegal move by a player.
Shoot A Craps round in which the shooter finished a round without making a point.
Shooter A Craps term for a player who throws the dice.
Shooting from the Hip A spontaneous decision.
Shortcake A short change.
Short Horn A space for placing the wager in the game of Craps.
Short Shoe A Blackjack situation where many cards have been removed from the shoe. This alters the percentage against the players.
Showdown Poker term for the end of a round in which all players expose their cards.
Shuffle A card game term for the act of randomizing a deck or decks of cards before the game begins.
Shuffle Tracking The act of a player attempting to trace certain cards as they are being shuffled.
Shy Casino term which is used for a situation of owing money to someone or for being short of cash.
Shylock A person who lends loan money to a player who has gone broke.
Sic-Bo An oriental casino table game.
Side Bet A special Craps wager. The bet is placed on the outcome of a certain dice throw.
Side Game Lightly played casino games that of less importance.
Silver Silver dollar or a one dollar gaming token.
Silver Tongue Refers to a persuasive talker
Single-Deck It’s a Blackjack variation in which a single deck of cards is used and the deck is hand-held by the dealer.
  1. Another term for a conman who is working alone.
  2. Roulette term for a single zero spot on the Roulette wheel.
Singles One dollar chip.
Singleton Refer to an unsuited card in a Poker hand, a card that does not belong to the winning combination.
Six-Ace Flats Casino term for a corrupted dice.
Sixaine Roulette term for a six number wager. A wager placed on three numbers on two horizontal rows each.
Sixty Days Craps term for the six point.
Sixe-Into A method of payoff of the wager by the dealer.
Skinner Refer to a cheat.
Skinny Dugan Craps term for a loser seven.
Sky A casino security term for the area where the game play is watched upon using mirrors and video equipments.
Slambang A heavy and quick action.
Sleeper A casino term for an unclaimed wager or a wager forgotten wager by a player.
Slick Cup Cheating device that increases the effectiveness of a loaded dice.
Slick Dice An altered dice.
Slickers Refers to a professional gambler.
Slide Shot A technique used by dice mechanics to control the dice.
Slot Club A system that keeps track of the wagers placed by each player at the slot games for the purpose of giving away rewards or comp points.
Slot Drop The box inside the slot machine that collects the coins placed by the gamblers.

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